Welcome to the perpetual frontier!

The last year anyone can pin down was 1888 — the year our little American prospecting settlement was founded. After that, the whole town came unmoored in time.

Out in Edgeworld, we’ve developed our own sciences, technologies, and ideologies, giving the mighty powers of steam, courtesy, and equality top billing. Every so often strange folk wander into town, bringing with them new ideas and new things from the outside world, but, well, once they arrive they tend to stick around and settle down.

So come join us in Edgeworld!

Play out a better fantasy of a Wild West that could’ve been, with cowboys and vaqueros, doctors and vigilantes, newfound ethics and laws, and the shining ideal of finding hope in building something new.

It’s a strange world out there, and it’s only getting stranger, but if we stick together, well, there ain’t a lot we can’t do.

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